December 17, 2014




Christmas is getting closer and closer so here are for you some of the most perfect dresses for this holiday.Which one is your favourite? This year I will go for a burgundy leather one.

December 4, 2014


Shirt - HERE / Jeans - HERE / Boots - HERE

Mega cold day of December but sun is up and shines like it's September.Wearing my favorite color of this season: beige or camel,call it how you want, there's no warmer color than this.This is a poncho transformer because I can wear it in two ways: you see on the pics - like a vest or 2. unbuttoned,like a poncho.I really like multifunctional clothing.
We received overnight the first snowfall of this winter season and I can say def that winter is here to stay! 
Victoria x

December 1, 2014


When it's too cold and dark outside it's nearly impossible to take any outfits pics.So the best idea is to have some fun inside with your camera and flash.I love this dress and wore it a lot this autumn but completely forgot to show you, so here we go.The dress is from the same brand as the overalls from this blog post - Ami Clubwear a big online shop with thousands of styles and clothing for every taste.As you can see my hair is really short,in comparison with the last outfit post.But this is not the end,gonna change the color very soon,a bit tired of shades of red.And by the way,winter wellcome!
Speak to you soon,Vic xx

November 28, 2014


It's been a hectic week at the work and finally I enjoy a couple of free moments.These are some of the things recently I bought/received.I'm really addicted to natural makeup right now and this palette of colours it's just perfect.And this pair of sunnies from Romwe really like them,too bad it's cloudy for more than a week and can't wear them.
Have a lovely weekend!
Vic xx
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