November 20, 2014


Some weeks ago I attended an amazing event in the capital of Romania - Bucharest.I am a big fan of electronic music and this event was related to this precious passion.Wandered on the streets of Bucharest a full day before the show.Here are some of my pics captured with the phone as I was too lazy to carry my camera.It was a foggy,cold and wet weather but who cares as much as you have fun with a good company?
Speak to you soon! V. xo

November 18, 2014



Winter is here and it's so cold outside,freezing! Today finally some cozy relax at home with my warm blanket and green tea.And the perfect time for choosing a new coat because the more you have the better is.When it's cold the first thing that someone sees on you is your outwear so having more is being different every day.They often get to see your coat than your clothing so invest more into coats in the cold season.Here are my top picks from an old fav of mine shop - Little Mistress Which one if your favourite? 
Vicky x

November 14, 2014


Tranch - Mango / Ankle Boots - Mango / Basic - H&M / Bag - Maxwell Scott 

Finally writing you from my own comfortable bed and my new laptop yay! This outfit I wore like one month ago and now I don't even have this long hair.This trench doesn't need any sweet words because it's a classic statement and A REAL must for every woman.I've been wanting one for ages and finally found it at Mango.Now I should buy a woolen one for winter.Last week I had a hectic trip where I attended an amazing show with my favorite DJ and producer.I'll show you some pics later.
Hope you'll have a great weekend and speak to you soon! Vicky x

October 19, 2014


So happy to share with you this! I was featured in the latest issue of Cliche Magazine October-November in the street style section.Maybe for some bloggers this is not a big deal especially if they're featured in almost every magazine and online websites dedicated to fashion.But for me it is! If you want to read the full magazine go to
 Many thanks to Megan for this surprise.
Vicky xx
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