January 15, 2015


Bag - Zara / Boots - New Look

My year started with a little business trip.But there isn't any travel wthout a lil shopping right? So here are my latest acquisitions.Can't wait to wear these gorgeous boots not to mention the bag which was love at the first sigh.Tho a lot of how to name this post and this is right! These are essentials for every girl's life.Do you agree with me?

December 30, 2014

BEST OF 2014

This kind of post is already a tradition at the end of December.It's just interesting to make a recapitulation of the all the looks I posted here during the last year.This year my style was a mix of minimal and casual from august to december and in the first part of year - bright and bold colors,florals and more type of prints.This year is almost over and I still can't believe.Already excited for 2015! Big plans ahead but unfortunately they aren't related to this blog.Hope everything will turn out how I want.A big thanks to the all online shops I colaborated this year: Persunmall , Sugarhillboutique , Little-mistress , Poppy-lux , Walg , Fashionunion , Missluxe , Loveredlabel , Quizclothing , Amiclubwear , Hybridfashion , Frontrowshop and many others that I forgot the name (sorry) Many thanks for your wonderful clothing! Also many thanks to the all lovely people who sended me emails with their great opportunities.This blog became something more than I would ever thought.I am very happy and thankful for being where I am now and for the all great things I had.Last but not least,THANK YOU my fellow visitors and readers for your support! Without you there wouldn't be light,there wouldn't be any post.Wish you a fantastic year and may your biggest dream come true! See you in 2015!
Much love,
Victoria x

December 27, 2014


Skirt - Front Row Shop / Top - Front Row Shop

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your beloved ones and are ready for the New Year's eve party.I'm ok,just from my dentist,hope I'll be better in the upcoming week.This outfit I wore when I was out for the Christmas dinner.Very simple and minimal,no fancy dresses or sparkles.I love this asymmetric skirt from Front Row Shop - perfect for every look.
Speak to you soon,
Vicky xx

December 17, 2014




Christmas is getting closer and closer so here are for you some of the most perfect dresses for this holiday.Which one is your favourite? This year I will go for a burgundy leather one.
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